1. You will do it, .......?
    (A) will you
    (B) isn’t it
    (C) can you
    (D) won’t you

  2. Which of the following sentences is not wrong?
    (A) Wait here till I return
    (B) Wait here till I will return
    (C) Wait here till I shall return
    (D) Wait here till I would return

  3. Which of the following is opposite in meaning to the word group “likely to happen” ?
    (A) inflexible
    (B) inimitable
    (C) unilateral
    (D) improbable

  4. I _____ breakfast when the phone rang.
    (A) am having
    (B) have
    (C) had
    (D) was having

  5. The synonym of haughty is
    (A) modesty
    (B) humble
    (C) arrogance
    (D) insincere

  6. The meaning of ‘bring to light’.
    (A) make out
    (B) introduce
    (C) start
    (D) disclose

  7. There is hardly ............... shop open today.
    (A) any
    (B) no
    (C) all
    (D) some

  8. Which of the following is correctly spelt?
    (A) Committe
    (B) Committee
    (C) Comittee
    (D) Comitty

  9. You should abstain ------- violence.
    (A) of
    (B) from
    (C) at
    (D) to

  10. No body answered it, ------- ?
    (A) did he
    (B) didn't he
    (C) didn't they
    (D) did they

  11. Opposite of the word ‘veteran’:
    (A) experienced
    (B) young
    (C) novice
    (D) simple

  12. We have to stay here ______ he comes
    (A) when
    (B) while
    (C) during
    (D) until

  13. The PrimeMinister..........graciously at the crowd.
    (A) laughed
    (B) grinned
    (C) smiled
    (D) chuckled

  14. Science is full -------- wonders.
    (A) at
    (B) in
    (C) with
    (D) of

  15. He can jump really _____.
    (A) hardly
    (B) highly
    (C) high
    (D) big

  16. Government by rich people
    (A) democracy
    (B) autocracy
    (C) plutocracy
    (D) mobocracy

  17. Did you remember..............the car?
    (A) locking
    (B) lock
    (C) to lock
    (D) None of these

  18. The higher you climb a Himalayan peak -------- you feel.
    (A) the most cold
    (B) the colder
    (C) colder
    (D) more cold

  19. The wrongly spelt word is:
    (A) Psyche
    (B) Janus
    (C) Appolo
    (D) Juno

  20. Come what may, I will stick with you......... thick and thin
    (A) for
    (B) both
    (C) with
    (D) through